Hills Physiotherapy near Wantirna is a multi-disciplinary clinic conveniently located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

We have a team of highly qualified practitioners who strive to deliver professional, friendly and flexible hours of service to suit your individual needs. Muscular Health and Natural Therapies have been established for well over 10 years, and Hills Physiotherapy is proud to take ownership of an already well established site and team. We offer a wide range of natural therapies such as Physiotherapy, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Osteopathy, Naturopathy, exercises for Parkinson’s Disease, Aquatic Physiotherapy and more, from our Wantirna physio location.

Hills Physiotherapy and Muscular Health, Wantirna will still have all of your favourite practitioners, and with the addition of a Physiotherapist we can now offer physio and remedial massage to an already extensive suite of services.

Apart from Wantirna, our Physio services are also available at two other great locations – Wellington Corner in Rowville and in beautiful Emerald.

We are thrilled to have landed near Wantirna, and look forward to extending our team.

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Phone:  (03) 9753 2507


3/1565 Ferntree Gully Road
Knoxfield VIC 3180

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Mon – Fri
9am – 7:00pm
8am – 1:00pm

About Hills Physiotherapy near Wantirna

Hills Physiotherapy has had a long and fruitful relationship with a highly-skilled and successful Alternative Therapies clinic near Wantirna, formerly known as Muscular Health and Natural Therapies. Originally owned by Samantha Coller, who as early as 2002 was working in collboration with Ben Kewish and Hills Physiotherapy Clinic to provide best care to her patients, this clinic grew to offer Myotherapy, Chinese Medicine, and Remedial Massage. Samantha was fortunate enough to employ a talented Myotherapist, Amy Isaac, who bought the clinic when Samantha moved to Berwick and reduced work hours to be a super-mum.

Physiotherapy Knoxfield

Under the care and guidance of the new proprietor, Muscular Health became the one of the larger Myotherapy clinics in the South-East, and added Naturopathy to the suite of services with the addition of Alysia Swiderski (m. Raftery). In another thread of the interwoven relationship between the two clinics, . Amy continued to grow and cement the place of this practice near the Wantirna community for the next six years, and began to study Clinical Pilates to meld her love of dance and physical training with her passion for optimising physical health and normal movement.

Amy initially joined Hills Physiotherapy on Wellington as a Clinical Pilates instructor while continuing to run her own clinic, Muscular Health, and continues to expand on her training and knowledge in this area. She has been working at Rowville since 2014, and had the joy of expanding her own family in 2015 with the birth of her son. In a fortunate collision of circumstances, Hills Physiotherapy on Wellington had grown and was experiencing increased demand for Myotherapy services, just as Amy had started to find the mounting pressures of managing her own business and family life less comfortable. It seemed a fitting and mutually beneficial arrangement that Hills Physiotherapy merged with Muscular Health, and “Hills Physiotherapy and Muscular Health” was the result.

We were fortunate to gain not only the services of an amazing therapist for treating our Rowville patients in Amy, but also increased access to her enjoyable and challenging Pilates, and as the ultimate cherry-on-top; The opportunity to expand into Wantirna. We are happy to provide our proven brand of high-quality health-care to this community, aided by a group of therapists and existing patients who have made it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Ben Kewish heads up physiotherapy duties at Wantirna.