Wantirna (3152) is a suburb of Melbourne, East, Victoria. It is about 23 kms from VIC’s capital city of Melbourne. Wantirna is in the federal electorate of Aston. In the 2011 census the population of Wantirna was 13,768 and is comprised of approximately 51.2% females and 48.8% males.

The median/average age of the people in Wantirna is 41 years of age.

Wantirna has a sizeable population of working professionals and is home to many families, with a 71 percentage of residents speaking English only. The population engages in what we might call “traditional” leisure activities, such as jogging, cycling and football.

Access to Professional Physio Services in Wantirna is readily available, thanks to Hills Physiotherapy. An active lifestyle is certainly enjoyed by the residents of Wantirna, due to it’s multitude of parks and reserves; the population have access to all manner of activities.

Activities within Wantirna and how this relates to Physio needs

The Wantirna population are often found walking and cycling in local reserves such as:

  • Blind Creek trail (cycling is popular)
  • Norton’s Park (dog owners appreciate this, particularly)
  • Flamingo Reserve
  • Bateman Street Bushland
  • Yarrabing Wetlands Reserve
  • Koomba Park
  • Shepherds Bush

Though walking is an excellent, low impact form of exercise, cycling is on the increase and is particularly popular with an increasingly mature demographic – this is absolutely relevant to the physio needs in Wantirna. The area has a significant population of professionals with the means to take this pursuit seriously, but in many cases they do themselves an injury. This is due to a combination of a lack of physical fitness and over-exertion. The simple fact is that statistically, the more time spent pursuing vigorous exercise, the higher the likelihood that an injury will occur. This statistic rises with the age of the participant.

Youth Activities within Wantirna

For the younger population, Knox Skate and BMX Park provides an exciting and physically challenging arena for skateboarders and BMX cyclists. Anyone with a child/teenager who regularly engages in these activities are well aware that these pursuits inevitably result in a multitude of related injuries. Hills Physiotherapy regularly deals with any number of these instances in any given week.

Though it’s true that the number of skateboarding and cycling injuries occur during the warmer months of September through to March, hardcore enthusiasts often present themselves to the offices of Hills Physiotherapy Knox throughout the year. It is often likely that injuries relating to these activities will occur when skating or cycling in a cold and wet environment, due to the prevalence of slippery (and sometimes icy) conditions. Coupled with bodies that are not adequately warmed up, injuries can and frequently do occur.

Different injuries and strains require different attention, and Hill Physiotherapy Knoxs is on hand to assist with rehabilitation after an injury. They are able to provide ongoing support (including excellent, professional and experienced education) for those who have found themselves in pain or are incapacitated to varying degrees.

Physiotherapy and Physio Support available in Wantirna from Hills Physiotherapy

Myothyerapy – pain relief using a variety of techniques
Orthotics – support devices such as foot and knee braces
Physiotherapy – diagnosis, pain control and rehabilitation
Remedial Massage – stress relief, pain reduction and maintenance
Clinical Pilates – exercise classes for all levels of fitness

Why choose Hills Physiotherapy?

Hills Physiotherapy continually provides expert, experienced and quality physio assistance from professional and highly qualified therapists. Every patient at Hills Physiotherapy is treated as an individual and their needs are dealt with on a one to one basis.