As we approach the warmer months (not that you’d know it this week!) many of our patients return with the same old knee pain and foot pain that has bothered them in the past. Commonly this is due to changes in footwear. During winter people tend to wear sturdy footwear and often orthotics, giving the lower limb much better biomechanical support, however in the hotter weather we all prefer sandals or thongs.Usually we just remind people to wear their orthotics more often, start taping their patella again or do some VMO exercise to improve patella tracking and “Bob’s your uncle”.This summer, however, we have the answer. Finally someone has made some thongs that are not only comfortable and attractive, but have an orthotic built in to the sole. These have arrived at Hills Physiotherapy just in time for summer, at the decent price of $55.00. Don’t suffer the Haviana pain again this year.