Summer is time for Beach HOLIDAYS!

Some things to consider if you have a current injury.

  • Sand is an unstable surface, and when you walk on it your foot will pronate and supinate much more than normal. This will put more pressure on an injured ankle, arthritic knee, patella, hip or lower back. If you have any issues with these areas, stick to the hard packed sand near the water and you’ll have less problems.
  • Sunbaking on your stomach (as un-PC as that is these days) will put your lumbar spine in a hyper extended position causing compression. If you have disc problems or arthritic/degen changes, avoid spending long in this position.
  • Slip/Slop/Slap – LATER . . .. As a nation we have become so frightened of skin cancer (rightly so) that we are becoming Vitamin D deficient. Current advice is that you expose your skin to the sun UNPROTECTED for 15-20min first, then cover up.
  • Lastly – Cold Sea Water is excellent for cooling down inflamed sore ankles and knees. Walk slowly in waist deep water for 10-15min for an effective “Ice Bath” to soothe these sore joints