Avonsleigh is a suburb of Melbourne, found nestled within the Yarra-Dandenong Ranges, Victoria. It is approximately 45 kilometres from Victoria’s capital city of Melbourne. Avonsleigh is located within the federal electorate of La Trobe.

Active Avonsleigh

The school-aged children in Avonsleigh enjoy sports such as basketball, football, volleyball, netball and running. Athletics is also very popular, as are all the atttendant sprains, strains and tears that routinely occur at any age when living an active lifestyle. The greatest advantage of youth is the ability to quickly recover and bounce back from these injuries, recovery that can be facilitated with physio consultancy and treatment by Hills Physiotherapy Emerald.

Hills Physiotherapy has been in operation for over thirty years now and owes it’s success to a professional, one on one service. It caters to the specific needs of the local populace in an increasing number of locations. Physio in Avonsleigh is well covered by the professional team who work with and for Hills Physiotherapy.

Avonsleigh Physiotherapy

Commitment to Excellence by Hills Physiotherapy

Our consultative services are one-to-one. Hills Physiotherapy provides high quality and experienced physiotherapy support from highly qualified and professional therapists, working with each patient to provide ongoing support, effective care, and education – the latter in particular is so important and we pride ourselves giving our clients all the knowledge they need to better contribute to their own recovery. This means less time at the Clinic and more time applying what you’ve learnt to make you strong and whole again.

Hills Physiotherapy Services include:

Orthotics – support devices such as foot and knee braces
Physiotherapy – diagnosis, pain control and rehabilitation
Remedial Massage – stress relief, pain reduction and maintenance
Clinical Pilates – exercise classes for all levels of fitness
Myothyerapy – pain relief using a variety of techniques

Breakdown of Avonsleigh Demographics

In the 2011 census the population Avonsleigh was 735, making it one of the smaller townships in the Hills. The median/average age of the people living in Avonsleigh is 38 years of age. The main industries in Avonsleigh are manufacturing (16.3%) and construction (13.8%), with the remainder including retail, education, health care, transport, warehousing and trade.
An interesting statistic about Avonsleigh is that 6.1% of the population are listed as Professional, Scientific and Technical Services. Whatever the trade or occupation, the residents of Avonsleigh will benefit from their access to Hills Physiotherapy.

Avonsleigh Infrastructure

Given the population size of Avonsleigh and it’s easy access to surrounding amenities in locales such as Cockatoo and Emerald (both with excellent primary schools), Avonsleigh is very much country lifestyle, residential area. A wonderful place to grow up and and indeed, to raise children, the energetic lifestyle afforded to the younger generation of Avonsleigh means that sport is more often than not first and foremost as a recreational pursuit.