Having been a skiier myself for many years, but never having the money or inclination to buy myself my own ski-gear, the single greatest thing that I’ve done for my skiing in the last ten years is to purchase my own ski boots.

Think about it, no other single piece of equipment can have as positive (or devastating) effect on a comfortable days skiing as having good boots or bad boots. They can even make up for average skis. For years I hoped the ski-hire place would have new boots available in my size, but even then they’d give me chafing inside my ankles, pinch the end of my toes etc. This may be tolerable for most of one day, but if you’re going for multiple days, you’ll be cursing them when you put the on the next morning.

The benefits of your own boots are as follows;

  • You get them heat-molded to your ankles, meaning perfect fit and skiing angle. This means no ankle pain or knee pain, especially if you have to walk in them
  • They fit perfectly = no sore toes
  • You can buy custom foot beds: These are basically orthotics for your boots, meaning arch support and comfort while you ski. This not only reduces load on feet, ankles and knees, but also seriously improves your feel of the snow and control of your edges.

Our orthotist, James Pierini is doing custom foot beds for ski boots this year, and as in introductory offer, he is charging $250 to create them from scratch, or $200 if you already have scans made of your feet (or have previously provided him with casts) Considering custom orthotics are usually $500 to $700, this represents amazing value. Let’s face it, skiing is expensive, you may as well enjoy it to the max! Ring us to book in with James at least two weeks prior to going on your ski trip, and bring your boots. 13009HILLS or book here