Remedial Massage and Myotherapy are “hands-on” techniques that are effective at reducing pain.

Emerald Massage and Myotherapy

Our range of complementary services at Hills Physiotherapy Emerald includes Myotherapy (Bianca Grimshaw) and Remedial Massage (Joanne Slater). Myotherapy is an Advanced Diploma degree which builds on a Diploma of Remedial Massage, increasing the skill level of the therapist to incorporate techniques such as Dry Needling, Cupping and specifically to improve the ability to manage more complex patients and injuries. Read More

Rowville Massage and Myotherapy

In selecting the stable of therapists to complement the highly skilled and dynamic physiotherapy team at our Rowville Practice, we maintained exacting standards with respect to “Hands-on-ability”. Anyone who has had regular massage, myotherapy or even physiotherapy will know that therapists either “have it, or they don’t”. Our Massage and Myotherapy team at Hills Physiotherapy on Wellington definitely fall in to the “Have it!” category. Read More

Knox Massage and Myotherapy

In a Physiotherapy practice, Myotherapists can work in tandem with the Physio to manage a patient’s condition, or autonomously to provide pain relief and health maintenance treatment.
It is rare to find a clinic in the outer suburbs where so many skilled Myotherapists work together to service the massage and muscular health issues of a community. Read More

For more information on Myotherapy, visit Better Health.

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