What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a nation-wide insurance scheme funded by the government, which allows differently-abled people to access an annual pool of funds (based on needs-assessment) which they are able to use to access health care and support services.

Benefits of NDIS

  • Supports independence and social and economic participation of people with disability.
  • Access mainstream services such as health, housing and education.
  • Access community services, such as sports clubs and libraries.
  • Maintain informal supports, such as family and friends.

Find out more at NDIS.gov.au.

More Information

This scheme has begun being phased in throughout Southern Melbourne and Outer Easter Melbourne (including Knox and Yarra Ranges, where Hills Physiotherapy locations service) and is now available to anyone who previously was eligible for a Disability support package, so long as they meet the eligibility requirements. For further information about transitioning from existing support to NDIS, please read this document.

Hills Physiotherapy Clinic, Hills Physiotherapy on Wellington (Rowville), and Hills Physiotherapy and Muscular Health (Knoxfield) are all registered locations with the NDIS, and all therapists eligible to participate in this scheme (Physiotherapy, Orthotist, Osteopath, Exercise Physiology) have completed the registration as well, meaning that NDIS participants (patients) who have access to funding can access any of these services. If the participant has significant mobility restriction, home visits can be arranged on request.

Participants in the scheme are asked to enter into a treatment agreement with their chosen Practitioner, which is a formal document detailing the scope of the services required, and agreement between parties to honour the proposed course of treatment or provision of service, the cost of the required services and the outcome measures to be used to determine the effectiveness of the intervention. This is then either provided to the agency who are looking after the disbursement of the package, or in situations where the participant is self-managing their package, it is held by the participant or their primary carer.

For the first time this allows people who suffer from any disability to have access to choice;

  1. Choice of type of services accessed
  2. Choice of service provider
  3. Choice of location (home or at a practice)
  4. Expert rehabilitation services (Clinical Pilates, Aquatic Physiotherapy, Pain Management)

Hills Physiotherapy and all therapists working within each practice are committed to working with each participant to ensure that they get the best “bang-for-buck” from the package they have been granted. This means providing the best quality multi-disciplinary care in the least number of necessary sessions or interventions. We understand that travel to and time spent on your health is not your number one reason for getting up in the morning, and so we strive to minimize the inconvenience and impact of treatment on your life, while maximizing the effect on quality of life.

Therapist helping amputee with exercise

If you currently have a package but do not have a treatment agreement in place, feel free to contact us through the website with any questions here or call any of the practices on 13009HILLS (44557).