With the expansion to Rowville, and in the prime location at The Corner at Wellington Village, Hills Physiotherapy have taken great care to ensure that the quality and skill of the therapists uphold the reputation and integrity of this already premium health service.

Having developed the reputation of the best Allied Health facility in the Dandenongs over the last 30 or more years, it was imperative that our patients receive equivalent care at both sites. To this end, we sought out Rowville Physio’s who had strong experience in the most relevant specialties for this community, with it’s large number of sporting teams, dance schools, retirement villages, professional people and ethnic diversity.

Rowville Physiotherapy Waiting Room

We have a highly skilled, dynamic and friendly team at Hills Physiotherapy on Wellington, with the expertise and passion to redefine Physio for the Rowville region. Our passion and mission is to provide high quality, one-on-one care that aims to manage painful symptoms, ensure rapid return to function, and empower the patient to manage their own condition. A successful physiotherapy intervention is one in which a patient has as few treatments as possible, and then becomes symptom free with advice and exercise. We are frankly fed up with hearing patients describe bad experience with physios who do ineffective treatment, give inadequate exercise advice, and treat the patient as an up-sell.

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