In selecting the stable of therapists to complement the highly skilled and dynamic physiotherapy team at our Rowville Practice, we maintained exacting standards with respect to “hands-on-ability”. Anyone who has had regular massage, myotherapy or even physiotherapy will know that therapists either “have it, or not”. Our Rowville Massage and Myotherapy team will definitely fall in to the “have it”” category.

Enjoying Rowville Massage and Myotherapy at Hills

Rowville Massage and Myotherapy Team

Amy Isaac (Myotherapy) has qualified as a myotherapist in 2008 and has honed  her craft ever since. She became interested in the therapy side of the discipline out of a genuine desire to help people and reduce suffering and pain, and then as she learned more about the rehabilitation of the muscular system she came across the Pilates method. Amy herself has had back and hip problems from years of dancing, and only through dedicated retraining of her core muscles through Pilates has she been able to largely rid herself of these problems. She is currently completing Level 2 Clinical Pilates through Taube Pilates, further sharpening an already impressive skill-set in the Pilates studio. Her incorporation of her dancing experience with the smooth controlled movements of Pilates make her classes fun, fresh and challenging. Amy has incredible “hands-on” skills and a friendly, warm personality – a combination that has seen her develop a large following at her own clinic over the last six years.  Muscular Health and Natural Therapies in Knoxfield has just merged with the Hills Physiotherapy Group, allowing our Rowville patients the luxury of her services, as she takes on the role as our head Myotherapist at Hills Physiotherapy on Wellington. Do yourself a favour, book in for a treatment.

Cobie Cowling has joined our amazing Rowville team after being one of the Knoxfield stars for years, bringing her incredible Myotherapy skills to a rapidly growing practice. She graduated from RMIT with an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science majoring in Myotherapy in 2005 and has focused her work in a clinical setting since. Cobi has worked with two AFL teams, and has a keen interest in treating the injured athlete as well as work related stressand postural dysfunction. She particularly relishes the challenge of sciatic and low back pain, headaches and migraines relating to neck and TMJ dysfunction. Her skill-set combines many treatment techniques to restore equilibrium including deep tissue manipulation, dry needling, cupping, and lymphatic drainage, which complements the existing team of Sandra Rusin (massage therapist, qualified in lymphatic drainage) and James Pierini (Orthotist who fits custom pressure garments to assist with management of lymphoedema). Together this crew can significantly improve the quality of life of those who suffer with lymphoedema and swelling related disorders.

Sandra Rusin (Remedial Massage) is a true gem. We’d almost have employed her even if she couldn’t massage – just to have her around – so it’s just a stroke of good luck that she is amazing with her hands, has great assessment skills and understands the wholistic approach to health management. Sandra, like many experienced manual therapists found that at times she couldn’t achieve the desired release of soft tissue spasm with her fingers alone, so she sought further training in Dry Needling, and now employs this effectively in her massage sessions (judiciously). She is intuitive about the body, seeming to know which parts need the most attention by feel, which is the mark of a really good therapist. Her passionate involvement in her daughter’s elite netball gives her an insight into the rigours of regular training and exercise, and what effect her therapeutic discipline can have on improving outcomes in this arena. 

Tanya Ide (Remedial Massage). You may know Tany from her days as Rowville’s lead receptionist. She’s now made the transition to a Remedial Massage therapist, and there’s no way we’d let anyone else have her! Tanya has a Bachelor of Nursing and has practiced as a registered nurse for 15 years. She left the medical field for several years before returning to Hills Physiotherapy as a medical receptionist. She has completed her certificate IV in massage at the Australian College of Massage, and has now completed her Diploma of Remedial Massage at the same college. Tanya is very interested in how the body responds to massage and the benefits massage can have on stressed, tired or injured bodies. She is a registered Remedial Massage Therapist with MMA. 

Meg Despotidis (Myotherapy) is no stranger around the clinic, having been attending Clinical Pilates and having done some study under one of our other Myotherapists. When we had the need for another therapist due to some maternity leave, Meg was the obvious choice. She is energetic, warm, friendly and engaging (as evidenced by her instagram page). Her special interests lay with headache/migraine sufferers, neck pain and persistent pain. Meg’s has been involved with the AFL draft team, had placement at NICA and volunteered in India. 

In a Physiotherapy practice, Myotherapists can work in tandem with the Physio to manage a patient’s condition, or autonomously to provide pain relief and health maintenance treatment. Conditions that benefit from Myotherapy are (for example) back pain, neck pain, headaches, exercise related pain and tightness, fibromyalgia and chronic soft tissue pain conditions. Our Myotherapists and massage therapists have completed their training at prestigious institutions, and over lengthy study periods (two years or more) which are recognised by private health funds, and as such they are awarded provider numbers to allow claiming through Hicaps for rebates on their treatments/massages.

Preventative medicine has been understood since pre-biblical times. If the benefits of remedial massage or Myotherapy are so well know, why do we all leave it until things become so bad that we have to desperately see a physiotherapist?