Women who are recovering from child birth often worry about the little pouch of swelling that remains in the lower abdomen. This is caused by a combination of slackness in the poor, over-stretched abdominal muscles, coupled with some internal swelling from the trauma of the birthing event (either natural or Caesarian).

Just as you’d put compression on a swollen knee joint or elbow, this pouch of swelling disappears much more quickly if you wear a compression garment as soon as you can tolerate one. The SRC compression shorts do a really good job, but are very expensive (nearly $200). For just $20 you can buy large size tubigrip from a chemist or physiotherapist, either size K or M depending on your waist size. This does just as good a job, and will have you up and about much more quickly. Combined with the all important pelvic floor and inner abdominal exercises (consult your physio for these) we’ll have your belly back to normal in no time at all!