Hills Clinical Pilates Emerald

Now at 333 Belgrave-Gembrook Road

Hills Physiotherapy Emerald has moved to a new location which now includes Clinical Pilates facilities. Our new space is clean and modern and can be used for Clinical Pilates (using state-of-the-art reformers, Spring boards and accessories), Mat Pilates, Fit-Ball classes. Contact us to join a class today. 

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Phone:  (03) 1300 944 557


Hills Clinical Pilates Emerald
333 Belgrave-Gembrook Road
Emerald VIC 3782

Opening Hours

Classes are held between 7:15 and 8:15 by appointment

About Hills Clinical Pilates Emerald

Our Emerald studio differs from Rowville in that it has five reformers and five spring boards, allowing sessions to be run as a class rather than individual circuit style sessions. The advantage of this type of small class is that other patients are participating in the same type of exercise at the same time, allowing comparison of technique (visual feedback) and some motivation to progress when comparing your own technique with that of others. Since all participants are completing the same basic exercise, equipment adjustments are quick and easy to manage en-masse meaning that there is less rest between exercises, or less down time. Due to this the patient has a better total “work-out”, rather than having too much down time as the instructor rushes between patients to change springs or demonstrate exercises, while the small class size still allows for close, individualised attention and correction of incorrect movement patterns and muscle activation.


While each patient performs the same movement pattern, the therapist will continually assess each patient’s ability and give appropriate progression or regression depending on skill, strength and pain levels. Due to this classes can be attended by beginner to advanced Pilates patients and each person will have the class tailored to their individual needs. By using accessories such as Chi-Ball, theraband, Foam Rollers, Magic Circles and Rotator Discs, even basic movements can be made super-challenging and advanced.

Our Emerald Pilates Studio

Hills Physiotherapy’s Emerald Pilates studio is suitable for ANY level of fitness or injury. Reformer exercises allow incredibly fine progressions of difficulty by using gradually increasing spring resistance, movement of foot bar, and reduction of spring assistance. The spring system itself is ingenious, as it allows resistance to be applied to the muscles and joints gently and gradually, and then loading is removed just as gradually, ensuring no sudden jerks or jolts on the body. This allows us to create exercise classes that can be incredibly challenging to any level of fitness or injury, while ensuring no further injuries are sustained, or existing injuries exacerbated.

Our equipment is largely Balanced Body Allegro 2 and Spring Boards, which are well known amongst Pilates teachers to provide the smoothest movements and best versatility of exercise. The foot-bar is able to be moved from foot end to head end in small increments, dramatically increasing the repertoire of exercises that can be performed on the equipment. With thick, plush exercise mats (15mm padding) we ensure that even floor exercises are performed with comfort and safety for even the stiffest back or sorest hips and knees.

To take advantage of Hills Clinical Pilates Emerald, patients simply need to complete an initial one-on-one consultation (even if they’ve done Pilates elsewhere) to be properly instructed in the more sophisticated aspects of the Pilates method and the use of the Balanced Body equipment, to ensure that in a class environment that they feel comfortable and confident adjusting the equipment and performing exercise safely and correctly, with supervision by the therapist. Contact the clinic on 13009HILLS (Option 1) or (03)59683030 to book your initial individual consult, or if you’ve already done this then you can book your classes online, and view our timetable of classes to find one suitable for you. You wont believe the difference it can make to how you move and feel in just a few sessions!