In a Physiotherapy practice, Myotherapists can work in tandem with the Physio to manage a patient’s condition, or autonomously to provide pain relief and health maintenance treatment.

It is rare to find a clinic in the outer suburbs where so many skilled Myotherapists work together to service the massage and muscular health issues of a community,  but our Knox massage and Myotherapy staff come from have been doing it for years. Not only do they offer incredible hands on skills and a range of other pain relieving techniques, but the addition of Naturopathy allows the total range of ills and ailments to be managed in one convenient spot.

Former head-honcho Amy Isaac needs very little introduction to the Knox region. As a myotherapist and former Dancer, Amy blends technical and manual skill with her Pilates and exercise knowledge, allowing the progressive healing and rehabilitation of many physical complaints. Her recent journey through pregnancy and into motherhood gives her additional insight into managing pregnant clients and ante-natal conditions, and indeed has lead to her beginning Pre and Post-Natal Pilates classes at our Rowville Clinic. She looks forward to both the growth of the clinic under Hills Physiotherapy, and the ability to enjoy some more time with her family.

Remedial Massage at our Knox clinic

Our Massage and Myotherapy Staff

Cobie Cowling has over a decade of Myotherapy experience and has a passion for headaches and TMJ dysfunction (which she shares with Hills Physiotherapy Director, Ben Kewish). She has a keen interest in Sports and has worked with two AFL teams, and enjoys Netball and Softball herself. Her recent training in Lymphoedema and lymphatic drainage will be of great value to the clinic, and combination therapies with our Orthotist James Pierini offering custom pressure garments for people suffering from lymphoedema will improve outcomes and quality of life for her patients significantly. She has keen interest in learning and does regular professional development.

Vin Chand has been a practising Musculoskeletal therapist for over a decade, enjoying management of complex pain issues, sports, and general joint and spinal conditions. Vin’s sessions are targeted towards fixing you from the inside out and guaranteed to be meticulously specific to your needs and goals with IMMEDIATE and long lasting results. His passion for health and fitness was apparent from a very early age due to a background in exercise and competitive sports.

Last but not least is the multi-talented Alysia Raftery. Not satisfied with ONLY being an amazing myotherapist, Alysia returned to study Naturopathy, and graduated in 2008. The combination of skills and knowledge offered by Alysia offer a total health package, being skilled in nutrition, herbal-medicine, massage and offers solutions for people with stress, poor-diet, illness, digestive issues and all manner of painful and difficult conditions. We are excited at Hills Physiotherapy to be able to retain her services and offer this kind of service to our existing and new patients. Certainly from a physiotherapy stand-point we regularly see people whose pain and suffering could be seriously reduced by some diet and lifestyle change and non-pharmaceutical medicaments (when the drugs don’t work – so to speak).

Knox Massage and Myotherapy

Conditions that benefit from Myotherapy are (for example) back pain, neck pain, headaches, exercise related pain and tightness, fibromyalgia and chronic soft tissue pain conditions. Our Myotherapists and massage therapists have completed their training at prestigious institutions, and over lengthy study periods (two years or more) which are recognised by private health funds, and as such they are awarded provider numbers to allow claiming through Hicaps for rebates on their treatments/massages.

Preventative medicine has been understood since pre-biblical times. If the benefits of remedial massage or Myotherapy are so well know, why do we all leave it until things become so bad that we have to desperately see a physiotherapist?

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