You do not need a referral to see a practitioner at Hills Physiotherapy. Services are made by appointment only. Appointments are booked by contacting reception on 1300 944 557. Reception will always try to book  you with your preferred practitioner, and will  advise of the wait  time, and your options if your practitioner is fully booked.


Hills Physiotherapy uses an SMS reminder as a courtesy for our patients. Cancellations are made by calling reception on 1300 944 557. A cancellation fee will be applied if you dishonour your appointment, or if you cancel with less than three hours notice. This fee is $80 for in-rooms appointments, full fee for Group Exercise sessions such as Pilates, Clinical Exercise or Yoga. This required to be paid within 7 days of the missed appointment.


Standard consultations are as follows:

  • Physiotherapy: practitioners discretion, 30 minutes allocated
  • Myotherapy: 45 minutes
  • Remedial Massage: 60 minutes

Longer consultations are available for an additional cost. If you require a scan to be read, please make an appointment to do so.


Hills Physiotherapy is a private practice and does not bulk bill. We do accept referrals for Medicare treatment plans, Work Cover Claims, TAC and DVA claims. There is a gap fee associated for all of the above except DVA. This gap is the difference between what Medicare, Work Cover Insurance (or employer), or TAC pay and what we charge as a private practice. It ensures that compensible patients receive the same quality care as private patients. The gap fee is due at the time of service without exception. You will find the current fees at reception, or may ask any of our team.


At the Emerald practice, parking is available for patients at the rear of the practice, via Madigan Way, or at street level in front of the clinic. If parking at the rear, and unable to use the stairs, elevator access is through the door to the right of the stairs (Falcone building). If unable to access lift, call reception on (03)59683030.

Rowville and Knox practices have carparks for your convenience directly adjacent the practice. Knox parking is accessed via driveway on Stud rd, to the left of Punt Hill apartment driveway (Kubix).

Patient Information/ Privacy

Hills Physiotherapy is committed to protecting your privacy. You will be asked on you initial visit to fill in a patient information sheet. This is to identify you, and determine the appropriate care needed for treatment.

You may find a copy of our complete privacy policy here.

Comments/ complaints

You have a right to comment on the service you have received. Please do so in writing, and send feedback to, or in letter form addressed to Customer Service Manager – Hills Physiotherapy Clinics, 333 Main Road, Emerald, Victoria 3782. All complaints are taken very seriously and handled within 48 hours. Please see reception for local and state conciliation bodies if needed.


Medical Cannabis is increasingly being used as an alternative therapy to opiates for long term pain. Opiates cause addiction, constipation, and increased sensitivity to the very thing they’re prescribed to treat. While the current evidence for cannabis doesn’t show that is is very good as an analgaesic (ie some people find it doesn’t give immediate pain relief) many people find it helps improve sleep and anxiety, both of which can help pain in the longer term. It is not addictive, and some people find that they can wean their opiate use with a doctor’s guidance by using cannabis. Always follow doctors advice, and of course don’t drive or operate machinery if intoxicated.

Disclosure: Hills Physiotherapy will benefit commercially from referring you to this service, 5% of the cost of products purchased through this link will be paid to Hills Physiotherapy as a commission.