Monbulk is a thriving township with a wide variety of sporting and leisure clubs. With all this sporting and leisure activity going on daily in Monbulk, it’s no surprise that Hills Physiotherapy is presented at an equally determined rate, an ongoing array of sports related injuries. The various Football and Soccer clubs (no, Europeans … in Australia, the term football refers predominantly to Australian Rules Football … what you know of as football in Europe is generally known here as soccer) have their typical and predominant injuries. These are often based around the knee, with:

  • tearing to both the Anterior and Posterior Cruciate Ligament
  • meniscal (cartilage) damage

These specific injuries are consistently presenting themselves (and their unwilling plus somewhat resentful owner) to Hills Physiotherapy. Tennis players will typically present with shoulder or back injuries, whereas horse riders (given the inherently dangerous nature of their sport or recreation) provide a wider list of injuries.

Monbulk Main Street

Breakdown of Monbulk Demographics

77.4% of people living in the suburb of Monbulk were born in Australia. The other top responses for country of birth were 6.7% England, and notably, 3.6% Netherlands. When you couple this last figure with the also statistically significant figure of 2.4% of the population stating that Dutch was the language most commonly spoken at home, it is clear that Dutch immigrants have long called Monbulk home.

The average age of Monbulk is 40 and unlike many of the surrounding localities, the predominant occupation is not listed as “Professional”, but instead, “Technicians and Trades Workers”. The top listed trade in Monbulk is actually Construction, with another top contender being Manufacturing.

The relationship to the needs of a clearly active professional category of workers with the services offered by Hills Physiotherapy is clear. Just as the many sportsmen and women in Monbulk present with the injuries endemic to their own species of recreation and sports, so do the physically active members of an often mature-age, high labour intensive workforce present many different problems due to mishaps at work.

School-aged Sports in Monbulk

Monbulk has four schools and they are very much sports-minded and active places of learning. The success of Monbulk in all manner of open aged sporting pursuits is evident when one realises that all these sports have been accessible to the students of Monbulk from whatever age they were capable of undertaking them. Such affection for these various sports across a wide cross section of the population inevitably ends in a variety of injuries and of course Hills Physiotherapy has Monbulk well covered.

The Monbulk Aquatic Centre

Any physiotherapist will recommend swimming as an ideal, low impact activity that will assist the injured in regaining strength to an injured leg or shoulder. Swimming promotes whole body fitness and toning, aiding in recovery and strength building. How lucky then, that Monbulk is home to the immensely popular Monbulk Aquatic Centre. With such an invaluable resource so close at hand, the patients of Monbulk Physiotherapy are already ahead when it comes to access to a healthy way to promote their own healing.

Hills Physiotherapy Services include:

  • Orthotics – support devices
  • Physiotherapy diagnosis, pain control and rehabilitation
  • Remedial Massage – stress relief, pain reduction and maintenance
  • Clinical Pilates – exercise classes for all levels
  • Myothyerapy – pain relief