We are a Knox Physio offering specialised treatment from a team of experienced physiotherapists.

Adding physio to a Myotherapy clinic is a no-brainer: the two professions work in perfect harmony, as can be experienced at our other locations. Many painful conditions are perfectly well managed by Myotherapists, who have advanced training relieving pain from injuries and conditions, utilising massage and other soft tissue release techniques, as well as some corrective exercise and advice. The benefit of having physiotherapists around is that if a condition fails to improve with this treatment and requires some expert diagnostic assessment – this can be managed in house. Our Knox Physios have rigorous training in musculoskeletal and neuromuscular conditions, and are experts in managing pain, movement disorder, and rehabilitation. This assistance can come in the form of a joint brief consultation between our Knox Physios and Myotherapists (at no additional cost) or for more complex or severe issues we can book separate appointments for troublesome ailments that require more in depth assessment or intervention.

Knoxfield is a suburb on the move; a cursory glance around the neighbourhood shows a large amount of residential development with some older homes being consumed by more modern unit and town-house style development, new shops, new education/child-care facilities, cafes, sports-facilities, factories and businesses. These all have some need for physical care – children with movement or development issues, sports injuries, family-care, pregnancy, and work-place injuries from trauma or overuse. Knoxfield needs physio, myotherapy, and Allied Health services and will continue to need them in an increasing fashion, should current growth continue. Proposed infrastructural and commercial endeavours such as a Rowville train line, and Knox-City Shopping Precinct will only add to this growth and population pressure, but will result in a thriving and vibrant suburb which relies on it’s local shopping strip for convenience and quality.

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Knox Physio in action

Knoxfield Physio Staff

Ben Kewish (Hills Physiotherapy Director), who brings over 15 years of experience managing a wide range of painful conditions and injuries. He has experience in managing elite sports people with a personal interest in Basketball and Athletics, and has a passion for Persistent Pain management and Low Back Pain specifically. Ben is a high level Clinical Pilates instructor and uses this to great effect in our Rowville and Emerald studios. His long term connection with Basketball in the region ensures that many families are already familiar faces. Having played nearly 20 years of basketball for Knox Raiders, becoming involved with this community was part of the longer term plan for Hills Physiotherapy. Under his direction, Hills Physiotherapy have built a strong connection with local high-schools and Universities, offering placement for work-experience students, Exercise & Sports Science, and Physiotherapy undergraduate and Doctoral students, and Ben thinks it should be the responsibility of a good clinic to provide inspiration and example to our future health and well-being leaders,  improving the industry as a whole. His vision for Hills Physiotherapy is that our clinics provide nothing short of the best and most complete Allied Health experience in the South-East of Melbourne, and that the customer-service aspect of health-care never falls second place to anything. People first, egos second.

Varsha Bhikha  studied a Bachelor of Physiotherapy at Monash University and did her Graduate Certificate in Pelvic and Womens Health at the University of Melbourne. She has experience in the sporting arena, having managed Senior AFL teams and has a passion for Clinical Pilates (both for herself and her patients) and going to the gym. She has an energy and passion for health care, which shines through in her interactions with her patients and co-workers.

Varsha consults most days at Hills Physiotherapy and Muscular Health, Knoxfield, and on the days she is not there, she can be found at our Rowville Clinic, or in the Pilates Studio.