Gembrook is a rural town settled into the foothills of the Dandenong Ranges. The town is known for being the final destination for the iconic Puffing Billy it also boasts a strong farming background.  

Gembrook was settled in 1873 for farming and timber. The surrounding countryside was suitable for both dairy and orchards. Timber provided income while farms were established. The name Gembrook came from the small gems that were found in small creeks and watercourses in the surrounding area.

With the opening of the railway that we now know as Puffing Billy, Gembrook recieved a boom in tourism, resulting in the town not needing to rely so much on the income that farming and produce provides.

Puffing Billy at Gembrook Station

Credit: Visit Victoria

Hills Physiotherapy has been in operation for over thirty years now and owes it’s success to a professional, one on one service. It caters to the specific needs of the local populace in an increasing number of locations.

Gembrook Physiotherapy is well covered by the professional teams at our clinics:

Hills Physiotherapy’s closest clinics to Gembrook are Hills Physiotherapy Emerald and Hills Physiotherapy Rowville.

Active Gembrook

Gembrook has a number or sporting teams, namely their Australian rules football club which is shared with Cockatoo. Many of the town’s youth partakes in sporting activities.

There is still a lot of farming land in Gembrook, meaning the town is quite labour intensive in some areas.

Gembrook Physiotherapy

Along with the many sports and labour intensive farming in Gembrook come the many sprains, strains and tears often found in such an active community. Luckily, these can be facilitated with physio consultancy and treatment by Hills Physiotherapy Emerald.

Hills Physiotherapy Commitment

Services are one-on-one, working with the patient to deliver effective care, ongoing support and ultimately, a long term, pain-free future. Hills Physiotherapy provides continuous high quality and expert physiotherapy support from highly qualified, professional and experienced therapists.

These Physiotherapy Services include:

  • Clinical Pilates – exercise classes for all levels of fitness
  • Myothyerapy – pain relief using a variety of techniques
  • Orthotics – support devices such as foot and knee braces
  • Physiotherapy  diagnosis, pain control and rehabilitation
  • Remedial Massage – stress relief, pain reduction and maintenance