During footy season we start to see the stress fractures caused by increasing loads of pre-season training (for Football, Soccer etc) on hard, rain starved grounds. Most coaches allow training in runners, but as we start to go into practice match time, some players opt back into football boots for grip. The problem is that this takes the foot from a well cushioned running shoe, possibly with reasonable arch support, into a hard, unsupportive boot. This makes the muscles that attach to the shin work MUCH harder, get tight and inflamed, and cause a reaction on the bone surface where they attach.

Many companies that produce orthotics have realised that normal width arch supports don’t fit into narrow football/soccer boots, and now an “Easy fit” version is usually available. This allows us to have a supportive and cushioning under-surface for the foot to run on.

If you’re that footballer who is getting sore shins/feet after training or games, see your physiotherapist for treatment and fitting of orthotics.