Dandenong is a large multicultural suburb situated on the Dandenong Creek, it is at the foothill of the Dandenong Ranges.

It is the home of the iconic Dandenong Market, where locals and tourists alike go to peruse all sorts of fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables, as well as clothing and other bits and bobs.

Hills Physiotherapy has been in operation for over thirty years now and owes it’s success to a professional, one on one service. It caters to the specific needs of the local populace in an increasing number of locations.

Dandenong Physiotherapy is well covered by the professional teams at our clinics:

Hills Physiotherapy’s closest clinics to Clematis are Hills Physiotherapy Rowville and Hills Physiotherapy Knox.



Active Dandenong

Dandenong has a great focus on Australian Rules Football. They have several teams including the Dandenong Redlegs, the Dandenong Stingrays, St John’s Old Collegians and the Dandenong Saints.

On top of this, Dandenong also hosts a number of soccer teams and numerous cricket clubs.

The Dandenong stadium is the home of the Dandenong Rangers (an Australian Women’s Basketball League team) and Victoria’s state volleyball competition.

Dandenong Physiotherapy

With such a sports heavy community, the residents of Dandenong often suffer sprains, strains and tears. Luckily, these can be facilitated with physio consultancy and treatment by Hills Physiotherapy Rowville.

Hills Physiotherapy Commitment

Services are one-on-one, working with the patient to deliver effective care, ongoing support and ultimately, a long term, pain-free future. Hills Physiotherapy provides continuous high quality and expert physiotherapy support from highly qualified, professional and experienced therapists.

These Physiotherapy Services include:

  • Clinical Pilates – exercise classes for all levels of fitness
  • Myothyerapy – pain relief using a variety of techniques
  • Orthotics – support devices such as foot and knee braces
  • Physiotherapy  diagnosis, pain control and rehabilitation
  • Remedial Massage – stress relief, pain reduction and maintenance