**Masks are still required to be worn in the clinic by staff and patients. Exception to this is during strenuous exercise, but you must wear it in**

Due to easing restrictions , Hills Physiotherapy is back to full services – Massage, Myotherapy, Naturopathy, Clinical Pilates and GLA:D have all returned for face to face care.  All of your favourite practitioners are available. We do still have stringent cleaning requirements and wearing of PPE is required for staff and patients (face masks). You are no longer required to check in and prove your vaccination status.

Woman with sore neck doing Telehealth consult due to Virus

Ongoing steps that we have adopted to ensure the safety of our physiotherapy patients:

  • increased our already stringent cleaning and disinfecting schedule
  • “in car” waiting room to reduce time exposure in clinic for vulnerable patients (just call when you arrive to let us know you’re ready.
  • making services available online where possible
  • utilising “work at home” practices where this is practical
  • removal of transmittable shared material in waiting rooms (magazines, toys, soft furnishings)
Gloved hands sterilizing surface due to virus

Due to these changes you should still feel safe to come and see your normal therapist for treatment if you need it. Remember, if you’ve had surgery recently, have severe or persistent pain and need advice and pain relief, or if you’re unable to work in your own essential work role due to injury, all of these are important reasons to go to and seek care.  Victorians have worked together, and although COVID19 won’t disappear, we’ve made sure you’re safer in our clinic than just about anywhere else.

If you’re uncertain whether you should come in or not, or would like to set up a Telehealth appointment to discuss your problem, get in touch with us on 13009HILLS or email admin@hillsphysiotherapy.com.au

Ben Kewish (Director / Principal)