Some love it, some hate it, you can’t avoid it! The heady mix of unbridled consumerism, sparkling Christmas baubles, and the frenetic Brownian motion of the stressed out shopping public – You can almost smell it!

Here are some tips to make sure you don’t end up a shrivelled Grinch this Christmas

1) Wear sneakers/orthotics. The number one complaint from people following a lengthy period in a shopping mall is a sore back. Closely followed by sore feet/knees. If you support yourself with some decent footwear and have appropriate cushioning, you’ll have less of a problem, or be able to shop for longer!

2) Use a trolley: If you find yourself with five bags in each arm, you’re bound to start feeling that burning pain across the top of your shoulders. Go to Coles/Woolies, get a trolley, dump your goodies in. Not only does this take the weight from your shoulders, but you can use the trolley like a walking frame when you’re too tuckered out.

  • Shop online: sounds obvious, but it’s too easy these days, and then you become best friends with your local courier, as he’ll turn up at your front door step every morning between now and Christmas. Make an extra cup of coffee for him/her in the morning, they’ll look after your packages even better.
  • Smile, sing, laugh: It is Christmas time! We’re meant to be celebrating the joy of the holiday season, religious or not, and having a day off to eat and be merry with loved ones just can’t be that bad! Singing Christmas carols in the shopping mall not only raises your spirits and relieves stress, it makes people think you’re crazy and they get out of your way . . . .