Static Stretching Myth

Research over the last 10 years has shown that slow, static stretching before sport is NOT effective at reducing soft tissue injury. The slower movements prepare the wrong nerve pathways for the fast ballistic movements used for sport, and the potential for injury from the… Read more »

A Good Pillow

Many people are happy to pay $150-$200 for good, supportive shoes, or up to $600 for orthotics. However, we spend 6-8 hours a day weight bearing on our head (while asleep), and we use cheap, old, unsupportive pillows. Buying a flat, dacron pillow leaves your… Read more »

Swiss Balls are not Chairs

Swiss Balls do NOT make good office/computer chairs. They are great for exercising your core stabilising muscles (assuming you’ve been taught how to use them), but require far too much energy to sit on for long periods, resulting in slumping, horrible posture after a while…. Read more »

Don’t Wait for Swelling to Subside

If you have sprained your ankle or injured your knee, you do NOT have to wait until the swelling or bruising goes down to visit your physio. The sooner we can help you by reducing swelling, improving mobility, and taping to help you walk, the… Read more »

Neck Pain on Long Drives

If you suffer neck pain from long hours driving, adjust your rear-view mirror so that it’s a bit too high to see perfectly behind you. Every time you check it, you’ll have to sit up a little taller, reminding you to keep better driving posture.

Good Gardening

As the Autumn leaves start falling, stay conscious of good gardening practices . . Change your front foot often when you’re raking Break up the job into sections and have regular rests Don’t fill up the bin/barrow too much Wet leaves are SLIPPERY, take care… Read more »