Headaches from TMJ Dysfunction

If you suffer from constant headaches and neck pain, and don’t seem to be improving from treatment of your neck, it may be worth talking to your physiotherapist about TMJ Dysfunction. Your TMJ is the Temperomandibular joint, and is located where your jaw joins on… Read more »

Exercise Myths

Exercising to lose weight or maintain healthy weight is something we should all do, but so much misinformation is spread by the fitness industry to sell products or market personal training sessions. Some common misconceptions: Running burns more calories than walking: It doesn’t. Moving the… Read more »

Bad Body Parts

We often hear from clients that they have “Bad Ankles”, “Bad Knees” or a “Bad Back”. While there are certainly some injuries that can leave a permanent structural change and cause chronic issues, often “Bad” signifies an injury that someone sustained a long time ago,… Read more »

The Flu

During flu season, and many who have painful conditions or injuries find that their pain gets worse, and sometimes other parts of the body can feel sore. This is because the immune system supports and monitors the nervous system, and can increase the sensitivity of… Read more »

Aquatic Therapy

After major surgery or severe injury, home or gym exercise programs can be too painful and so Aquatic Physiotherapy is often the best option. In combination with “in-rooms” treatment and gentle home exercise, this type of therapy can super-charge your recovery, allowing achievement of muscular… Read more »


Fibromyalgia is a complex and debilitating chronic pain disorder. It involves global muscle pain and stiffness, with painful areas often “moving around”. Commonly it is coupled with Chronic Fatigue type symptoms. It is also commonly misdiagnosed when people have multiple painful areas and Physio’s/Doctors label… Read more »

Footy Shoes

During footy season we start to see the stress fractures caused by increasing loads of pre-season training (for Football, Soccer etc) on hard, rain starved grounds. Most coaches allow training in runners, but as we start to go into practice match time, some players opt back… Read more »

Dealing with Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects many of us in the community. Often thought of as an “old womans” problem, it can also affect older men, and even younger people with conditions requiring corticosteroid use (cortisone etc) or Vitamin D deficiencies. Given a diagnosis, some… Read more »

Do Braces Make Muscles Weaker?

A common misconception is that regular use of braces on ankle, knee or lower back will cause you to rely on them and weaken the supporting muscles. This doesn’t happen at all. No brace on the market is strong enough to prevent your muscles from… Read more »