Is Neck Cracking Safe?

High Velocity Thrust Techniques (HVTT) are known as “Manipulation” and are to be contrasted with “mobilisation” in which small bouncing type movements are utilised by the therapist to gradually increase joint range of movement. In HVTT a joint “cavitation” is often the result, which causes… Read more »

ACL Rupture and Repair

The Anterior Cruciate Ligament is the main support to the stability of the knee in a forwards direction, that is it stops the femur (thigh bone) from sliding off the tibia (shin). If ruptured, the knee often becomes unstable and results (apart from pain and… Read more »


Water is by far the most common substance in the human body, making up around 60% of mass in the average lean adult. During exercise, or hotter temperatures, the rate of water loss to the atmosphere can be as high as 2L/h and can exceed… Read more »

Morton’s Neuroma

A tribute to someone close to us. If you have burning pain in the end of your foot, often coupled with numbness and tingling, then there’s a possibility you have a Morton’s Neuroma. This painful problem is caused by pressure from the metatarsal bones squeezing… Read more »

Christmas Shopping

Some love it, some hate it, you can’t avoid it! The heady mix of unbridled consumerism, sparkling Christmas baubles, and the frenetic Brownian motion of the stressed out shopping public – You can almost smell it! Here are some tips to make sure you don’t… Read more »

Summer Holiday Tips

Summer is time for Beach HOLIDAYS! Some things to consider if you have a current injury. Sand is an unstable surface, and when you walk on it your foot will pronate and supinate much more than normal. This will put more pressure on an injured… Read more »

Baker’s Cyst

If you have a painful swollen bump on the back of your knee, towards the inside, you may have a Baker’s Cyst. This painful problem is often poorly managed, and many people are told that it will simply go away. Baker’s Cysts are actually a… Read more »

Everyone’s had it: D.O.M.S.

DELAYED ONSET MUSCLE SORENESS. If you’ve ever had a break from exercise then had a run, gardened for too long, had gastro and ended up with sore tummy muscles – you know what I’m talking about. Studies have shown that very little will help you… Read more »

Summer Compromises

As we approach the warmer months (not that you’d know it this week!) many of our patients return with the same old knee pain and foot pain that has bothered them in the past. Commonly this is due to changes in footwear. During winter people… Read more »

Socks before Jocks

For my Aquatic Physiotherapy group… When getting dressed after using a public shower (ie at a pool)… SOCKS BEFORE JOCKS A tinea infection between your toes is annoying and uncomfortable, but if you put on underwear without covering your feet first the fungal spores transfer… Read more »