Chronic Pain – Is it in your head?

The hot topic in Pain research over the last ten years, Chronic Pain (now termed Persistent Pain) is any pain lasting longer than the normal biological healing time frame (6-12 weeks). Pain is useful to stop you causing damage to your body, but once it… Read more »

Rigid Taping vs Kinesio-Tape/Rock Tape

Which is better? Why would you bother using tape that stretches? In the last six years, the increase in prevalence of the new elastic Kinesio-tape and Rock-Tape method has been amazing. This is due almost entirely to a MASSIVE donation of this type of tape to… Read more »

Do you need a Contour Pillow?

There are literally hundreds of different pillows on the market, varying in height, contour, material, gel inserts, anti-snore etc. So how do you know which is right for you? The answer is very similar to footwear. While a large proportion of the population may have… Read more »

What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates originally began as a Self-Defense instructor at Scotland Yard, after moving to the UK from Germany. During the war, he was kept interned as an enemy-alien, and refined his training techniques, using spring resistance to help hospitalised patients. These later became a foundation… Read more »

AFL’s favourite new condition – FAI

FAI – Femeroacetabular Impingement This condition is being diagnosed with increasing frequency, and can be the cause of chronic groin pain, hip pain or back pain. It is caused by excessive bony growth due to ongoing stress, and can be from the hip socket developing… Read more »

Massage vs Myotherapy vs Physiotherapy

What is the difference between massage, myotherapy and physiotherapy? This is a question that we get asked a lot, and one of our favourite questions to answer! Remedial Massage Remedial Massage therapists have training in manual techniques to reduce protective muscle guarding, pain and improve… Read more »

Is my Knee having a Heart Attack?

One of the hot areas of research into management of tendinopathies over the last five to ten years has been the use of topical Glyceryl Trinitrate (GTN) patches to manage pain during rehabilitation of tendinopathies, including Patella, Achilles, and Tennis elbow. This drug may sound… Read more »

Total Ankle and Shoulder Replacements

We’ve all heard of Total Knee replacement and Total Hip replacement. These are incredibly successful surgeries, whose main goal is pain relief, that have been completed successfully for years for arthritic and damaged joints. What many people DON’T know is that arthritic ankles and shoulders… Read more »

Tricky Teeth

Do your teeth hurt, but a check up at the Dentist shows no problem? Is your jaw  locking and you can’t open it? Stabbing headache in your forehead, or behind your eye? You may have a TMJ problem. With an asymmetric bite, stress related clenching… Read more »