Caught a Chill in your Back?

One of the most common complaints we hear when people come in with undefined low back or neck pain is that they think they may have “caught a chill” in the back. The basic idea is that cold draughts or weather will cause a dramatic… Read more »

Do you need a Hip/Knee Replacement?

One of the most unavoidable facts of life is that your body is wearing out. Day by day, gravity is slowly crushing your cartilage. Sad but true. Factors influencing the rate of this degeneration are obesity, sports injury, surgery, congenital bone problems or genetic cartilage… Read more »

Injections for Arthritis

If you suffer from osteoarthritis in your Knee, Ankle or Hands; chances are you’ve been offered injections to manage your symptoms. These have the advantage of being less invasive and minimal risk (very minor risk of infection, or reaction to drug/product). There are three main… Read more »

Race-Horse Injuries

Race Horses are large athletic animals who are bred to run fast. One of the consequences of this is that they are subject to enormous forces on their tendons, muscles and bones, and also incredible workload for organs like the heart and lungs. Just as… Read more »

Christmas Guilt

Well, after a restful holiday period and too much wonderful food, it is common to suffer some post-holiday guilt. This, coupled with the arrival of the new year sends thousands of people straight to the running shoes to kick-start those New Years resolutions. Due to… Read more »

Syndesmosis Sprains

Have you had an ankle sprain that seemed to get better for a while, but you just can’t get back to running or jumping without pain? This is likely because you’ve sprained the fibrocartilage joint at the bottom of your leg, where the fibula joins… Read more »

Skier’s Thumb

This is the name given to an injury of the Ulnar Collateral Ligament of the thumb (the support on the index finger side of the joint, which stops the thumb being pulled outward). This often happens as a skier loses balance and hits the snow… Read more »

It’s time to talk Dr HO!

Most of you will have seen at least one of the shopping channel advertisements for Dr Ho’s Pain Therapy System, or Dr Ho’s Physio Belt. The claims made by these commercials are incredible, and the range conditions they are said to relieve is astounding. Let’s… Read more »


Have you ever had a small cut on your bruise (particularly on the lower leg) that quickly became swollen, red and painful? Cellulitis is an acute inflammatory condition of the dermis and subcutaneous tissue usually found complicating a wound, ulcer or dermatosis. Spreading and pyogenic… Read more »

Ski Boots

Having been a skiier myself for many years, but never having the money or inclination to buy myself my own ski-gear, the single greatest thing that I’ve done for my skiing in the last ten years is to purchase my own ski boots. Think about… Read more »