The Cult of Pilates

Most people have heard of Clinical Pilates, but what makes it Clinical? And why is it so popular?

Which injury causes the most pain?

A question often asked in the clinic is “what is the most painful injury you treat?”, or “they say this is worse than child-birth, is that true?”

Do you REALLY have a Migraine?

Headaches are a crippling problem for those who suffer them regularly,  causing pain, vomiting, blurred vision, and sensitivity to light and loud noise. They are responsible for over 25 million lost days of work in the UK (few statistics exist for Aus) per year, and… Read more »

New services at Hills Physiotherapy

It has been a busy few months at Hills Physiotherapy!  In case you missed it, here’s a quick update on what we’ve been up to: New location in Knoxfield Our Knoxfield clinic is up and running and appointments can now be made online! See our Hills Physiotherapy… Read more »

Glucosamine, Fish Oil and Turmeric

Most people over the age of 35 start to show signs of wear and tear – either in deteriorating physical condition, stiffness and soreness of joints or muscles, or with actual medically diagnosed conditions such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia or other pain syndromes. This can… Read more »

Life after Football – The Off-Season

“Weeeeeeee’re a happy team at Hawthorn!” the echoes fade from the club rooms and the celebrations begin. This signals the end of a long period of intense physical exertion for all the players involved in the AFL Grand Final, and for all other winter sports… Read more »

Trigger Finger

Does your finger get stuck when you bend it? And you have to prize it open with your other hand? Congratulations, you have Trigger Finger. So named because it is caused by inflammation of the flexor tendons of the fingers or thumb, such as often… Read more »

The Calm before the Storm of Injuries

Things have been a little quieter in physiotherapy world for a few weeks, as colder temperatures and horrible weather have meant less activity in the community in general, and therefore less acute injury. Even chronic arthritic pain and inflammatory conditions tend to settle, as the… Read more »

Getting to the “core” of Horse-Riding

Horse riding is an amazing sport in terms of the demands on the body. Not only does riding involve fairly unusual strains on the hips, back, shoulders and knees, but just owning a horse involves lifting bales of hay, raking and sweeping out stables, picking… Read more »

Is your Physio good enough?

As an addition to the ongoing and ever popular Facebook “Tip-of-the-week”, we are proud to announce the addition of a fortnightly blog to our website. The idea behind the “Tip-of-the-week” was to be able to share some of the pearls of wisdom and general physiotherapy… Read more »