Common Conditions Treated by Physiotherapy in Knoxfield and Knox

Today, physiotherapy is an evidence-based discipline that involves comprehensive assessment, often pain relieving treatment, advice on self-management, and progression of return to normal life. This approach can manage a diverse array of health issues, thanks to the expert understanding of human anatomy and movement gained… Read more »

Headache Bites: TMJD Can Worsen Migraines

We have been doing a bit of a deeper dive in to TMJ dysfunction (TMJD) lately on our social media channels, and this blog is a distillation of all the helpful information about TMJ dysfunction and how this can impact the severity and frequency of… Read more »

Disaster Recovery Back Pain – don’t add injury to insult

Disaster struck on Wednesday 9th of June in Emerald and the surrounding Dandenongs, and in fact large parts of Victoria and New South Wales. This has caused significant clean up effort, with hundreds of trees falling across roads, houses, power-lines and fences. Predictably,

National Stroke Week – Are you a FAST hero?

National Stroke week is 31st of August to 6th of September in Australia. This week celebrates the efforts of all those living with debilitating effects of stroke, those who’ve made incredible recovery, and those who are family or close friends who have recognised the symptoms,… Read more »