Ben KewishBen Kewish is the Director of Hills Physiotherapy. He graduated from Melbourne University in 2001, having had the passion to be a physiotherapist since the age of 12. A few major factors influenced this, the first being that he was an avid basketball player which at times meant that sprained ankles, sore knees, sprained wrists etc had to be attended to, giving him an insight into the vocation. Additionally, his grandmother Valerie Kewish was a physiotherapist, of of the first graduating class when Melbourne University changed from a diploma of massage to a diploma of physiotherapy in 1940.

Having a strong background in basketball and athletics, his initial passion was sports injury, but the longer he has been a clinician, the more he has found that challenging and complex patients are what drives him to learn and improve. To this end, he has studied contemporary Pain Science and was instrumental in the development of the Outer Eastern Persistent Pain Group, run in collaboration with the Emerald Medical Centre, and Emerald Psychology.

These days his passion for basketball, physiotherapy, skiing and family ensures that his days are full and fulfilling, and since the acquisition of Hills Physiotherapy Clinic in Emerald in 2012, Ben and his wife Vanessa have grown and developed the brand to include three additional practice locations and several satellite centres (for Clinical Pilates, Aquatic Physiotherapy, Pain Group etc). Initially starting with just three physiotherapists and no administration staff, Hills Physiotherapy Clinics now offer employment to over 30 staff and contractors. Their patient centred, customer service oriented mission has ensured that Hills Physiotherapy now offer unparalleled Allied Health care for the South East of Melbourne.