Physiotherapy for Belgrave locals

Belgrave is a vibrant and community-minded town in the foothills of the Dandenongs. It boasts a number of restaurants and eateries covering many styles, including excellent Vietnamese, Indian and Chinese (as well as traditional fish, chicken and chips takeaways). These businesses are for the most part locally owned and run. Multi-national corporations have had a difficult time finding a place in Belgrave. When McDonalds proposed to demolish a local restaurant in neighbouring Tecoma to make way for their own restaurant, a furious and prolonged protest was undertaken by the local community. The protest continues to this day.

Hills Physiotherapy has been in operation for over thirty years now and owes its success to a professional, one on one service. It caters to the specific needs of the local populace in an increasing number of locations, including two locations near Belgrave.

Belgrave’s Physiotherapy requirements are well covered by the professional teams at our clinics:

Hills Physiotherapy’s closest clinics to Belgrave are Hills Physiotherapy Rowville and Hills Physiotherapy Emerald.


Belgrave Physiotherapy

Breakdown of Belgrave Demographics

According to Qpzm Local StatsBelgrave is about 35 kilometres from the Victorian capital city of Melbourne and is zoned as being in the federal electorate of La Trobe. In the 2011 census the population Belgrave was 3,966 and is comprised of approximately 51.1% females and 48.9% males. The median/average age of the people in Belgrave is 36 years of age.

The demographic breakdown includes some interesting statistics, not the least that over half the population of Belgrave listed in the 2011 census specified as not belonging to any religion, broken down into:

  • “No Religion” (42.8%)
  • “Religious affiliation not stated” (9.3%)

Belgrave is well known for its attraction to many alternate lifestylers and celebrates Pagan ceremonies as much as it does traditional religious rites.

Belgrave is a Popular Tourist Destination  

Belgrave is a popular spot for tourists at all times of the year. From the point of view of physiotherapy services relevant to the Belgrave area, the main needs are attributed to cycling the often steep and winding roads in the surrounding suburbs of KallistaOlinda and Sassafras, combined with tackling the infamous 1000 Steps in the neighbouring Upper Ferntree Gully.

The latter recreational pursuit is immensely popular with both locals and tourists alike. Whilst cyclists are generally physically fit and up to the challenge of riding the local roads, the same is not always true for those attempting the 1000 Steps Memorial Walking Track. People come from all over Melbourne and beyond to climb this steep and often slippery path. They are often not prepared and find themselves presenting to Hills Physiotherapy with all manner of related injuries, from strained muscles and ankles trauma to torn ligaments. Fortunately, all these mishaps can be treated by the specialists at Hills Physiotherapy near Belgrave.

Proper application of the relevant style of Physiotherapy will help the patient with almost immediate relief from their existing ailments. We also provide ongoing support throughout the recovery period. Exercise regimes are tailor made to each individual client. The clients are in turn educated as well as assisted throughout recovery to rebuild the damaged area.

Hills Physiotherapy Commitment

Our team is committed to deliver the best experience for our Belgrave patients, with one-on-one services, working with the patient to deliver effective care, ongoing support and ultimately, a long term, pain-free future. Hills Physiotherapy provides continuous high quality and expert physiotherapy support from highly qualified, professional and experienced therapists.

The Physiotherapy Services available for Belgrave patients include:

  • Clinical Pilates– exercise classes for all levels of fitness
  • Myothyerapy– pain relief using a variety of techniques
  • Orthotics– support devices such as foot and knee braces
  • Physiotherapy diagnosis, pain control and rehabilitation
  • Remedial Massage– stress relief, pain reduction and maintenance

Those looking for a reliable physiotherapy centre near Belgrave can visit us at our locations in Rowville and Emerald.