After major surgery or severe injury, home or gym exercise programs can be too painful and so Aquatic Physiotherapy is often the best option. In combination with “in-rooms” treatment and gentle home exercise, this type of therapy can super-charge your recovery, allowing achievement of muscular contractions and range of movement that would otherwise be impossible on land.

Common problems that benefit most from this environment are; Total Knee or Hip replacement, Ankle reconstruction or fixation, Knee reconstruction, Shoulder Rotator cuff repair, Chronic Low Back Pain, Osteoarthritis. You don’t have to know how to swim or be comfortable in water and (ladies) you don’t have to get your hair wet.

Hills Physiotherapy currently offer Aquatic Physiotherapy at the Good Life Health and Fitness centre in Wantirna, and will likely add 1-2 sessions/week at Monbulk Aquatic Centre once refurbishments are finished in late May 2013. You’ll need to book for an initial assessment to work out program goals and current functional status.