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Hills Physiotherapy has been operating in Emerald for over 30 years, providing the premier physiotherapy, remedial massage, myotherapy and associated health services to the hills. With our new location in Caribbean Park we’re excited to be able to offer our extensive experience to a new community.

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COVID-19 Update for Hills Physiotherapy Patients

Time for an update on the state of affairs . . . . Well, things have certainly been different over the last few months due to the worldwide pandemic, novel coronavirus 2019. On March 29th we were forced into a position of closing two of our practice locations (Knoxfield and Pinnacle, Caribbean Park). We moved all of our physiotherapists into Rowville and Emerald, and stood down all of our admin staff temporarily. From a staff of about 30 we were down to 7.

I wish to thank the hard-working physiotherapists who continued to treat patients during those early, uncertain weeks where it seemed like the virus was popping up everywhere at a rapid rate, and additionally I wish to thank our administration staff for patiently waiting at home, unpaid until we were able to organise their JobKeeper payments and get everyone back to work. To all of our therapists who stood themselves down voluntarily, I also thank you for your prudent choices for your own safety, and that of your families – it was a time of “lose-lose” choices for all of us, and we had all had to choose between economic hardship or potentially serious health implications.

picture of coronavirus

After the end of April, as we gained more confidence that our communities were not being over-run by COVID and the sanitation and distancing measures seemed to be helping slow the spread, gradually our therapists, and therefore our other services, have returned to work. This means that nearly all of your favourite therapists are back working and available on our online booking portal, or by calling the practice. They may not yet be back to normal hours or days, or even normal locations entirely, but this will likely all be reset on Monday 6th of July, if everything goes according to plan. Call us for an update on who is working where and when, our reception team are happy to help out.

Due to the gradual relaxing of government restrictions on gatherings and indoor exercise facilities, we are able to reopen our exercise classes as of June 22nd. This means Clinical Pilates, Clinical Exercise, GLA:D and (shortly after due to school terms etc) Hydrotherapy at Monbulk Aquatic Centre and Paul Sadler, Rowville. I know many people have been very keen to get back to some form of regular, guided exercise, having lacked the time, motivation or money to do it during the last 10 weeks or so, leaving us all stiff, sore and a bit floppy!

Large man can't do up pants and needs to update his wardrobe

We will have some rules for our therapists and returning patients, however, to keep everybody safe and healthy and prevent the spread of infection as we try to return to more normal life and activity;

  • Please don’t come early to class. Wait in your car and only enter the studio as your class begins
  • You must have a pre-purchased package to enter a clinical exercise, Pilates or GLA:D class
  • You must have grip-socks on your feet
  • Please just your keys, water bottle, and towel. Leave bags in your car
  • You must bring your own clean towel, we will not supply them
  • At the Emerald studio, entry will be through the front door, and exit through the rear
  • Wipe down your own equipment before and after class with sanitizing wipes provided

You will notice later in the week (written 17/06) an update in our office / waiting rooms; perspex screens will be installed at the practice reception desks. We initially felt that these were unnecessary in the early stages due to low patient and therapist numbers, but as we return to more normal numbers our receptionists just need some better protection. These will remain as permanent fixtures, as they are just a good idea and protect everyone better during our normal Flu season as well. These measures are all on top of the increased sanitizing and distancing practices that have been in place since March, and will continue.

For those who still feel unsafe to exercise indoors in a group, we will still continue to offer a limited number of Telehealth / Zoom Pilates classes, depending on demand, once our studios open for business. These will not be on our regular timetable, please call 13009HILLS to organise your bookings.

We hope you’ve all stayed safe, and are ready to kick-start the rest of 2020 by getting strong, moving well, and returning to health.

Ben Kewish

Director / Principal

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Hills Physiotherapy is committed to offering the highest quality in Allied Health Care, with experienced therapists providing a range of complementary medical services. All of our clinicians offer focused, one-on-one service aimed at delivering results today. We work WITH you, the patient, to address the cause of your pain or dysfunction, so that you can become independent of our services and pain-free long term. After becoming the premiere Allied Health facility in the Dandenongs, we are excited to offer our services to Rowville and surrounds, and think that our range of services make Hills Physiotherapy hard to beat.

- Ben Kewish
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